Trading Institute is an education company, dedicated to teaching people about trading and investing.

We will be releasing a range of courses.

We have just released our first course, being a course on advanced options trading techniques used by the professionals.

Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.

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Background Behind This Course

Years ago, founding director Derek Whitaker was learning how to trade. He discovered there was a severe lack of information out there, that is, step by step on how traders systematized trading to make it work in daily life. It was when he was mentored by traders making $30,000 – $40,000 a month that things began to fall into place.

In this course, we reveal the techniques and strategies taught by these higher level traders. We’ve done countless hours of research, and testing with real money over numerous market cycles. The result is, we’ve brought all this research together to provide you with general education you need on trading options … with a real life touch to it, based on what we’ve learned from professional traders, saving you time and effort.

This course saves you the frustration of spending hours looking for the right information, making it all available for you in the one place.

Please note: We are not a licensed financial planning firm. We are an education company, who works with Registered Training Organisations, who will give you factual information. At Trading Institute, we do not give any general or specific advice around investing, options, trading, or anything else. If you want general or specific expert advice, please see a licensed financial planner.

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