Evan Bradshaw

Ex-shearer & Business Owner

I have now learnt and understood that there is so much crap out there with stock market training courses, or so called training courses!

Derek’s course has shown me the reality of the markets, the patience and skills required to be truly and realistically successful. It’s not a 6 week get rich scheme as a prominent futures, commodities and foreign exchange programme is stating.

Heck, from what I have learnt in the last 3 months, it makes me quite angry that you could take someone’s money up front, and tell them these million dollar trades happen 3 times a year! Errrrrrr!

Seriously you guys have brought to the table a comprehensive and complete package, that is not only based on fact and market trends, but flexible enough to adapt to proven strategies.

Even the outside guru’s you have sourced for us may have slightly different strategies themselves, and successful ones, that you have been able to integrate parts of that into our training, still keeping your own foot print on it. It’s a beautiful blend, and the people you have introduced to us are genuinely passionately successful and down to earth. They make us mature age students very welcome. It’s just great!

Mindset is critical! It’s an area where I see people are all different in – how they approach and react to this. Fortunately, you guys have the flexibility to adjust to each individual case, and without realising it, I find myself saying and doing things I would not normally thought I was capable of. That to me is unbelievable and a true credit to you both for being able to achieve that!

Ben Holloway

Metallurgist Superintendent

In 2012 I moved to Perth WA, for a new job opportunity. In the process of diversify my investment portfolio, I required assistance setting up a series of trusts to allow investments in the USA. I was recommended to talk to Warren Black at Wealth Safe. It was through this meeting that I also met Derek Whitaker. Both Derek and Warren assisted greatly in developing a solid asset protection portfolio, as well as updating my Will.

Derek was very easy to work with and could explain complex processes in relatively simple terms. It was through these discussions that he sparked my interest in options trading.

The three methods for wealth creation are via stocks, real estate, and business. I was in the process of developing a solid property portfolio in the USA, via a syndicate trust. I was also working on setting up some business strategies. While I had previously bought a few stocks via the Australian stock exchange there was no systematic process, which limited my success.

With this in mind I took Derek up on his offer to partake in a 12 month options course, with no previous knowledge of what an option was; except from a brief description outlined on the internet site Wikipedia. Derek made it very clear at the start that the first 4-6 weeks of the training were focused on the mental challenges of trading, rather than the strategies for trading options. I was dubious about this to begin with, during the first few weeks; however after trading live for the last 5 months I can confirm that those initial weeks of the training were the most valuable.

The training structure makes you question why wealth creation is important to you and your family; it introduces a variety of trading strategies, shows how traders develop a systematic process towards trading, and how they focus on maintaining consistent returns via diversification, and a trading strategy that focuses on capital protection.

During 4 months of paper trading, and then followed by 5 months of live trading, I have averaged a monthly return of 2% on my invested capital. If a stock moves against my position, I have learnt to remain confident in the trading strategy to minimize any potential losses, and at times even turning a losing trade back into a winner.

I would recommend the options trading course for anyone looking to build a solid wealth foundation for the future, with an open mind to learning new strategies, and to challenge why creating wealth is so important to each individual.

Dan Fischer

Property Renovator & Mechanical Fitter

My wife and I have known Derek for quite some time now. We met Derek 5 years ago, and in the first couple of years Derek spent a lot of time and effort setting us up with the right asset and personal protection strategies for our steadily growing investment portfolio. Next to being a very funny character,

Derek has a priceless wealth of knowledge, and is always looking to exceed the client’s expectations.

In the last year and a half, Derek’s course has (taught me about) option trading strategies. It is very exciting and motivating.

Derek has been an amazing support and a great teacher. My wife and I have come along some very rocky roads paved with massive obstacles financially, and also in regards to mindset. Derek has made a huge impact in our life to tackle those obstacles. I very much enjoy his way of delivering content in a fun and factual way, always ensuring that every detail had been understood.

I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and prosperous business with Derek and his family.

Tulle Livingstone

High School Teacher & Student of Options

When I joined the 12 month Options Trading course with Derek in April 2013, I did not have much of an idea about the stock market; except for basic ideas that most people have from watching T.V, and associated perceptions. I did not think there was too much of a difference between the variety of stock trading instruments, and I honestly believed that to make money in trading, you mostly had to predict the future, or have insider knowledge. Now, I believe it is a mathematical process of probability, so when the mind is controlled, the wins can come.

After completing the 12 month Options Trading course with Derek, I am in a position to be able to offer my thoughts on what I learnt and how it helped me with my personal growth. Although I still have a while to go to become a consistently successful trader, I am happy that I have proved to myself that controlling your thoughts is the key – so I look forward to reaching my trading goals.

During the last 12 months, I have invested in a lot of personal growth in general to supplement Derek’s course and I can honestly say that I am much happier for it.

Specifically, Derek’s course has helped me to:

  • Discipline myself better and control my thinking
  • Become literate in options trading language and processes
  • Improve myself and my internally held beliefs
  • Adjust my mindset towards positive thinking

If you are considering joining Derek’s course, know that he will patiently work with you, and help you to move forwards to your goals. Feel free to contact me, and I will be able to tell you of my experiences; just as I am appreciative of previous students who did the same for me before I joined.