An option is simply a financial contract to buy or sell a unit of shares over a certain stock, at a particular price point, during a particular time frame.

Options are contracts often used over shares that typically banks, sophisticated investors, and those in the know have had access to. They’ve actually been around since the early 1970’s.

Now thanks to the internet, the general public have access to them like never before.

Investors and traders typically use them to protect stock portfolios, or create cash flow.

Their original intent was to protect portfolios and minimise risk. They are sometimes used to leverage, and create cashflow.

People get into options trading for a number of reasons.

Our founder’s reasons were

  • Create another income stream
  • Have more time with family
  • Flexibility as to where he worked from
  • Ability to travel and earn income
  • Create passive income

It was our founder’s observation, while working in accounting and law firms, that of all the forms of trading, people who traded options tended to have greater success when compared to other financial product types.

He noticed many professional traders returned to options due to the lifestyle it offered. Many professional traders didn’t enjoy sitting on a computer all day watching the markets.

Options Trading, if mastered, is a skill for life where traders earn income in a fun way!

Ignorance is expensive! There is so much information on the internet about options. Some of it is accurate. A lot of it is rubbish! Getting the right information on what professional traders do, and how they apply their strategies, is crucial.

Most people when starting options run into these challenges …

  • Where do I start?
  • How do options work?
  • What does all the trading jargon mean?
  • How do I know which options strategy to apply?
  • Which ones work?
  • How do I manage risk?
  • How do I use and apply indicators?
  • They have no developed system to trade
  • They eventually give up

Our founder, Derek Whitaker, went from a media career into the financial industry. In just 6 years he went from no financial background, to being the director of an accounting firm, international property syndication, and also working for a law firm. In that time he was mentored by proven options traders, who were consistently making $30,000 – $40,000 a month. They agreed to teach him their techniques.

  • This gives you advanced education that’s just not theoretical, but tested in real live market situations.
  • You get the benefit of 2 different styles of trading, with our founder revealing how he adapted both, to suit his own style.
  • Our founder went through the process of having to learn how to achieve accelerated results. He now offers this to you in your options trading education.

If you were to access this kind of information and education on your own you would need

  • To be working in the financial industry.
  • Access to mentors at this level including a former hedge trader. (This could cost potentially cost you in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.)
  • The ability to approach these traders when you get stuck.
  • At least 5-6 years to research options in your own time.
  • At least 2 years of testing these strategies through trial and error, not only in theory but in practice.
  • Be surrounded by like-minded people to spur you on.
  • The ability to see what others are doing; assess what is working, and what isn’t.

We’ve noticed there is a lack of quality education in the industry, to teach people with no financial background, how the trading markets work. Many courses and literature presume you know something at the outset. Unfortunately, this doesn’t cater for those outside the industry. Even within the industry there is a clear lack of understanding – even among financial planners!

Additionally our founder noticed there was a lot of untested theory out there. He noticed the best way to learn was by being mentored. So courses were designed that could best replicate that and to cater for different budgets.

The strategies our facilitators use are tested and tried.

Additionally the courses are delivered to cater for different forms of learning to guide the complete beginner from the ground up!

Get all this advanced information and education in the one place, saving you time, heartache, and money.

  • Advanced education courses on these investment strategies.
  • Courses catering for the absolute beginner through to the seasoned professional.
  • Professional accreditation courses are available for those in the financial industry, with our Registered Training Education partner Mentor Education (formerly known as RG 146/PS 146). You can gain accredited learning while studying!
  • Founder Derek Whitaker was personally mentored by traders consistently making $30,000 – $40,000 a month. One of his mentors was a former hedge fund trader. In our courses you hear the reports on their methods, techniques, and strategies. We don’t make trade recommendations, but show you the criteria we use to take trades.
  • We look at case studies of trades we do, are in, and how we handle tricky markets.
  • Opportunities to do virtual trading. Use a simulator with virtual money (not real), to see how different strategies would work in different markets. This creates a kinetic experience of how traders think, manage risk and reward, and most importantly the art of the trade.
  • Ongoing professional development for graduates.

We will never encourage you to trade or not trade. We are simply an education company. With the wealth of information out there we reveal how options trading works, what techniques and strategies our mentors use, and the processes we use to trade. We do expect our students to be mature, self-disciplined, and responsible in dedication to their studies. They accept full responsibility what they may do with this information.

Some applications have been rejected in the past as their pre-course assessments revealed they were not in the right place for some of the courses they applied for.

Please note: We are not a licensed financial planning firm.

We are simply an education company, working with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who will give you factual information. We do not give any general or specific advice around options, trading, or anything else. That is not what Trading Institute does. Please see a licensed financial planner when it comes to any investment advice you need.

We will NEVER recommend you trade or don’t trade. We are simply an education company that provides education only.